adidas Functional Home Rig



This stable rig from Adidas. Makes the product extremely useful for a variety of common weightlifting and crossfit exercises. The rig is equipped with a cable system, where several pulling exercises can be performed for both upper and lower body. The Adidas Homerig comes with different grips and accessories, giving you great variety to the training exercises. The product is recommended for training at home or in a small business environment. An adjustable exercise bench is recommended as an additional accessory.Features:- Adjustable pull station for „free movement” exercises- Holder for weight plates- Adjustable bar and J-hook holder- Lat bar, barber pole and hand and ankle accessories included- Built-in chinup bar for exercises with your own body weight- Dip bar can be included and can be fittedLængde156 cmBredde150 cmHøjde210 cmMaksimal belastning160 kgMaksimal belastning (chin-up)150 kg

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